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            Join BROWNS – our partner School of English in Brisbane

            Learn English in the capital of Queensland! With sunshine all year round, Brisbane is the perfect place for a language adventure. With outstanding facilities and world-class teachers, you’ll have the time of your life at LAL’s partner: Browns Brisbane.

            Experience Brisbane learning English at BROWNS

            • 6
              Minimum Age
            • 13
              Number of Classrooms
            • 18
              Maximum Class Size
            • 2003
              Founded in

            Browns Brisbane is located on the first floor of a marble building on the beautiful coastline of Brisbane. Its intelligently designed classrooms are packed with custom-made tables and comfortably stylish chairs to ensure your comfort in all of your classes.

            Our school of English in Brisbane is equipped with 46-inch smart LED TV screens in every classroom to enhance the learning process. Not to mention its stunning, large outdoor balcony with cafe furniture, where you can eat lunch with your friends or take a break in between classes. Our facilities will certainly maximise your progress as you study English in Brisbane!


            Supportive facilities

            • Free WiFi
            • Common Room
            • Computer Access

            Explore our great Location

            See the school as if you were here

            102 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000, Australia

            Nationality Mix

            • 18%
            • 18%
            • 16%
            • 13%
              South Korea
            • 10%
              Spanish Latin America
            • 8%
            • 5%
              Middle East
            • 5%
            • 4%
            • 3%

            Age Range

                Language Courses in Brisbane

                LAL offers you 699 courses around the world and definitely one that fits you
                • General English

                  The General English course helps you improve the main skills for communicating in everyday situations!
                  Find out more
                • Intensive English

                  Maximize your learning experience and improve your skills without losing any time
                  Find out more
                • IELTS

                  IELTS exams are recognised by over 9000 institutions around the world.
                  Find out more
                • Cambridge B2 First

                  Get a qualification valid for life! Our Cambridge FCE course will prepare you to obtain the desired result in this exam.
                  Find out more
                • Cambridge C1 Advanced

                  Get a qualification valid for life! Our Cambridge C1 Advanced course will prepare you to get a great result in this exam
                  Find out more
                • English for Academic Purposes

                  Our English for Academic Purposes lessons focus on your academic and study skills.
                  Find out more

                Leisure Programmes

                Get the most out of your experience

                Your experience at our school of English in Brisbane is not limited to the classroom. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities both inside and outside our school. These are just some of the leisure activities we offer.

                Accommodation in Brisbane

                BROWNS has several options to help you find the perfect place to stay while you study English in Brisbane.

                Apartament in Brisbane

                8 - 10 minutes to the school

                The roomstays are houses or apartments with separate, private bedrooms and common areas shared with other students. This a great option for individuals who want to meet people from all over the world.

                五福彩票app官方版stay in Brisbane

                Average 30 minutes to the school

                Staying in a host’s 五福彩票app官方版 is a great way to discover the local way of life. At Browns Brisbane, hosts provide two evening meals per week, while the rest of the week, students will eat lunch and dinner at the school.

                Further Information

                Important Information


                Discover our students' experiences in their own words

                Accreditations and memberships

                Certified teaching accredited by the world’s main institutions



                South Africa

                United States

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