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            Our mission is to empower people to communicate effectively with the global community by means of an excellent and enriching learning experience.

            Our Methodology

            How we do it

            English lessons are at the heart of our business, and we have enormous experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Our teachers are skilled at tailoring our lessons to make them engaging and dynamic while meeting the needs of each student.

            Our Locations

            21 cities in 8 countries

            LAL is present in 7 english native-speaking countries with schools in 21 different cities!



            • Manchester
            • London Westminster
            • Torbay
            • London
            • Berkhamsted
            • Brighton
            • Tavistock
            • Winchester
            House of Parliment, London
            United States

            United States

            • Fort Lauderdale
            • New York
            • Boston
            • Boca Raton
            Boston skyline from Piers Park
            South Africa

            South Africa

            • Cape Town
            Signal Hill, Cape Town


            • Montreal
            • Toronto
            • Vancouver
            Vancouver's Northshore Mountains


            • Dublin
            • Cork
            Dublin Downtown


            • Gozo
            • Sliema
            • Malta
            Valleta, Malta’s Capital


            • Brisbane
            • Gold Coast
            Brisbane, Australia


            • Las Palmas
            Las Palmas, Spain
            Our Schools

            Supportive Facilities

            Our schools are designed for study and socialising. We’ve modernised our schools with more technology in the classrooms and even better facilities.

            We care about your

            Welfare & Safety

            Years of Experience

            We have over 35 years of experience looking after young learners from all over the world!

            24-hour Support

            Our dedicated welfare teams provide 24-hour care and support to all our young learners throughout their stay.

            Meet & Greet

            Students will be greeted at the airport by LAL staff or their trusted representatives and supervised throughout the journey to and from the school.

            Safety & Welfare

            Our top priority is our students’ safety and well- being. We have welfare staff in all our schools who ensure our students are happy and safe.

            Carefully selected staff & host 五福彩票app官方版s

            All our staff and 五福彩票app官方版stay hosts are carefully inspected and checked for their suitability to work with young learners.


            All our Young Learner programmes* in the UK, USA and South Africa include free health insurance as standard. Students travelling to the UK also receive free travel insurance.
            Our History

            Over 38 years of History speak for themselves

            Our schools are designed for study and socialising. We've modernised our schools with more technology in the classrooms and even better facilities.
            1. The 1980s

              1. 1980: LAL Language Centres founded in England LAL was set up in Torbay in 1980 to bring German tourists over to the English Riviera to learn English. Students were taught in various locations around the towns, including their host 五福彩票app官方版s.
              2. 1981: LAL Sprachreisen founded in Germany Following the success of LAL in Torbay, A dedicated language travel agency was set up in Germany to deliver students to LAL Language Centres.
              3. 1983: Frosch Touristik opens in Germany The Frosch Touristik travel company opened in Germany in 1983. LAL became part of FTi in 1986.
              4. 1984: Torbay Language Centre opens in Paignton After successful trading and teaching students in diverse locations around Torbay, LAL bought part of a former private school in Conway Road, and opened its first year-round school.
              5. 1985: IELS opens in Malta The Institute of English Language Studies opened as a joint venture between LAL and the Festa company in Malta.
            2. The 1990s

              1. 1992: Florida Language Center opens LAL opened its third school in Fort Lauderdale, USA.
              2. 1996: Cape Communication Centre joins the LAL Group The Cape Communication Centre, which had been founded as an independent company, became an LAL school in 1996.
              3. 1996: Unified branding As Cape Town joined LAL, all the schools received unified branding based on the companies’ initials. TLC, IELS, FLC and CCC were to be seen for the next ten years.
              4. 1998: First CELTA course run in Torbay Teacher training was launched at our school in Paignton in 1998, and has continued ever since. We have an almost unbroken pass record, and we now offer the advanced DELTA course as well.
              5. 1998: First Summer School The Torbay Language Centre opened a residential Summer School at Shebbear College, a boys’ boarding school in Devon. It was to prove a winning formula.
              6. 1999: First LAL website launched LAL launched its first website in 1999, with information about programmes for the year 2000.
            3. The 2000s

              1. 2000: Airtours buys FTI British holiday company Airtours, which became MyTravel shortly afterwards, bought FTI.
              2. 2003: FTI bought back Dietmar Gunz bought back FTI from MyTravel, to run it as an independent company again.
              3. 2003: Summer School at Kelly College The popular Summer School for young learners moved to Kelly College in Tavistock.
              4. 2005: Major refurbishment of Torbay Language Centre The group’s first school was closed for the winter, and teaching transferred to our junior centre in Torquay, while major refurbishment was carried out. New entrances, a landscaped garden, an improved general lounge and a new lounge for adult students, as well as a large reception area, took shape in time for reopening in March 2006.
              5. 2006: Schools rebrand as LAL All the LAL schools were renamed to reflect their membership of the LAL Group, and new branding was introduced. It was to prove short-lived.
              6. 2007: Second Summer School in Taunton After eight years of successful summer schools in Devon, a programme at Taunton School was launched in 2007.
              7. 2008: Summer School opens in Boca Raton Following the success of Summer Schools in the UK, LAL Fort Lauderdale started its own Summer School at Lynn University.
              8. 2009: Third UK Summer School opens in Winchester St Swithun’s School became the host for our third Summer School in England.
              9. 2009: New corporate identity A unified brand for LAL Language Centres and LAL Sprachreisen was introduced in 2009, introducing the red LAL roundel for the first time.
            4. The 2010s

              1. 2010: LAL London opens Our second year-round school in England opens in Twickenham in January 2010. The first student surprised our staff by arriving an hour early by mistake.
              2. 2010: Fourth Summer School opens in London LAL opens its fourth summer school at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham.
              3. 2011: LAL course book published “Round the World” is LAL’s first course book for young learners. It is devised and designed in-house, with five levels from Elementary to Advanced
              4. 2011: First Summer School in New York LAL opens a Summer School at the Rosehill Campus of Fordham University.
              5. 2011: Major refurbishment at LAL Cape Town LALs school in Cape Town undergoes a major refurbishment, including all classrooms and onsite residence.
              6. 2013: Summer School opens in Berkhamsted Berkhamsted School becomes our latest Summer School campus in the UK.
              7. 2015: LAL Boston opens LAL begins trading in Boston, Massachusetts, having acquired and refurbished the Language Skills school in Friend Street.
              8. 2015: New Summer School in Brighton LAL Launches another Summer School in England at the American Express Community Stadium and the University of Sussex.
              9. 2016: London refurbishment LAL London undergoes a major refurbishment.
              10. 2017: LAL enters Ireland LAL collaborates with Apollo Language Centres and starts offering courses in Dublin and Cork.
              11. 2018: First CELTA Course abroad In partnership with METEN,LAL operates a highly successful CELTA course in Shenzhen, China五福彩票app官方版.
              12. 2019: LAL enters Canada LAL collaborates with ELS Canada and ALI Montreal to offer courses in Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

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            Accreditations and memberships

            Certified teaching accredited by the world’s main institutions



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